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The kitchen work triangle determines the most efficient way to operate and utilize during everyday tasks. The most common uses of the kitchen are prepping, cooking, eating, and socializing. There are three main areas of the kitchen that pertain to the work triangle: refrigerator, sink, and range or oven. These elements in your kitchen are key to having an efficient work space for functionality and aesthetic. This common tool is used when space planning a kitchen in order to cut down wasted time, opening up the floor plan, and keeping the kitchen the heart of the home.

This is a simple work triangle diagram to better understand the layout.

Kitchen Work Triangle
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Kitchen Layouts

Galley Kitchen Two rows of cabinets on walls that are parallel to each other. This option has the most convenient work triangle.
Single Galley Kitchen Also known as a straight-line kitchen. All cabinets and appliances on one wall, not the most optimal solution for layout.
L-Kitchen Two adjacent walls with corner cabinets connecting the work spaces and cabinets. This option preserves the work triangle.
U-Kitchen Three walls that typically the design dictates the sink is in the "U" portion of the layout. This option is the typical layout seen in most residential homes.
G-Kitchen Similar to U-Kitchen but there is a partial fourth wall that is often used for barstools/seating and additional work and storage space. This is a peninsula that often makes the work triangle more functional than the U-Kitchen.
Block Kitchen Typically found in open concept kitchen and great room layouts. The island in the center separates banks of cabinets to have more surface space for prep and serving. It's also the most ideal layout for multiple cooks in the kitchen and large entertaining options, keeping it the heart of the home.

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