Cabinetry Terms

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Below are a compilation of terms associated with cabinetry. Click on the term for picture examples!

Term Definition
Face Frame The portion of the cabinet where the doors are attached. This is the structural part of the cabinet that is made up of stiles and rails
End Panel The sides of the cabinet box that are attached to the face frame.
Bottom The bottom of the cabinet that creates the "floor" of the box.
Back The back-most panel of the cabinet that will be used to mount the cabinet to the wall.
Shelves Horizontal pieces of material, usually the same material as the cabinet box, used for storage. Shelves inside cabinets are usually adjustable so that you can personalize based on your storage needs.
Toe Kick The recessed area at the bottom of the cabinet. Having a toe kick allows you to stand in front of the base cabinet without stubbing your toe into the bottom.
Drawer Box
Drawer Front
Door Front
Intermediate Stile
Top Rail
Unfinished End
Finished End
Drawer Guide
Full Extension Drawer
Soft Close Hinge
Center Panel
5-Piece Door/Drawer
Slab Door/Drawer
Shelf Clip
Appliance Panel
Cabinet Filler
Drawer Divides
Roll Out Shelf
Tray Divide
Extended Stile
Sink Base