Building Uses

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Buildings, and sometimes portions of buildings, are organized into classifications based on the use or activities planned for the space. These are called Occupancy Groups. The groups are used to determine the life-safety requirements for a particular space.

See Occupancy Classification for more detailed information on specific categories.

Area Use Occupancy
Agricultural buildings, barns, livestock shelters U
Aircraft hangers S-1
Aircraft hangers, accessory to one or two-family residences U
Airport traffic control towers B
Alcohol and drug centers, 24 hour, 17 or more persons I-1
Amusement arcades A-3
Amusement park structures A-5
Animal hospitals, kennels, pounds B
Apartment houses R-2
Art Galleries A-3
Assisted living, 17 or more persons I-3
Assisted living, 5 or fewer persons R-3
Assisted living, 6 to 16 persons R-4
Auditoriums A-3
Banks B
Banquet halls A-2
Barber and beauty salons B
Barns U
Bleachers, outdoors A-5
Boarding houses, not transient R-2
Boarding houses, transient R-1
Bowling alleys A-3
Car washes B
Carports U
Child care, 5 or fewer children, any age R-3
Child care in places of worship during religious functions B
Child care, 6 or more children 2 1/2 years or younger, less than 24 hr I-4, or E with occupancy restrictions
Child care, 6 or more children 2 1/2 years of younger, 24 hour I-2
Child care, 6 or more children 2 1/2 years and older I-4 or E
Church A-3
Civic administration B
Clinic, outpatient B
Community center A-3
Aircraft (manufacturing, not including repair) F-1
Appliances F-1
Athletic Equipment F-1
Automobiles and other motor vehicles F-1
Bakeries F-1
Beverages (over 16% alcohol content) F-1
Bicycles F-1
Boats F-1
Brooms or Brushes F-1
Business Machines F-1
Cameras and Photo Equipment F-1
Canvas or Similar Fabric F-1
Carpets and Rugs F-1
Clothing F-1
Construction and Agricultural Machinery F-1
Disinfectants F-1
Dry Cleaners F-1
Electric Generation Plant F-1
Electronics F-1
Engines (including rebuilding) F-1
Furniture F-1
Hemp Products F-1
Jute Products F-1
Laundries F-1
Leather Products F-1
Machinery F-1
Metals F-1
Millwork (sash and doors) F-1
Musical Instruments F-1
Optical Goods F-1
Paper Mills or products F-1
Photographic Film F-1
Plastic Products F-1
Printing or Publishing F-1
Recreational Vehicles F-1
Refuse Incineration F-1
Shoes F-1
Soaps and Detergents F-1
Textiles F-1
Tobacco F-1
Trailers F-1
Upholstering F-1
Wood; distillation F-1
Woodworking (Cabinet) F-1
Beverages (up to ad including 16% alcohol content) F-2
Brick and Masonry F-2
Ceramic Products F-2
Foundries F-2
Glass Products F-2
Gypsum F-2
Ice F-2
Metal Products (fabrication and assembly) F-2